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Improve Cash Flow with Business Cash Management

Put an end to cash flow woes, once and for all.

Serving Northeast Wisconsin

Understand & Leverage Cash Flow

Financial forecasting and planning are essential to remaining profitable, both now and in the future.

Stay on Top of Payroll

Your business can’t function without the team you have in place, and planning ensures each payday happens.

Grow Your Business

Effective cash management will get your business on solid footing to remain profitable for decades to come.

How ANB Cash Management Helps Businesses

Direct Deposit

American National Bank Fox Cities offers direct deposit for your employees. Your payroll is deposited here and then the individual paychecks are electronically routed to the financial institution of the employee’s choice within the U.S.

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit is a convenient, accurate, and secure way to make your deposits. It’s designed for your business using a small desktop scanner and your PC to make electronic deposits right from your office anytime, day or night. Learn more.

Key Advantages of Remote Deposit:

  •  Make your funds available faster than with paper deposits
  •  Make deposits conveniently from your office, anytime, day or night
  •  Streamline the entire deposit process to save time and money
  •  Save time by consolidating deposits from other offices
  •  Security features allow you to control system access
  •  Receive alerts for missing check data

Remote Deposit Terms of Use and Procedures

Automatic Payments (ACH/EFT)
  • Allow your customers to pay you with automatic payments. A preauthorized amount can be automatically pulled from your customer’s bank account and electronically deposited into your business account here at American National Bank Fox Cities. With automatic payments, you can make and collect payments online automatically. Automatic payments are an easy and cost-effective way to make payroll disbursements via Direct Deposit, make Federal and State tax payments, make and collect business-to-business payments, make monthly charitable donations and more. Automatic payments are ideal for any business that wants to streamline bookkeeping and reduce the hassle and expense of making all payments by check.
  • A Merchant Account is a service that enables a business to accept credit card and check card payments from customers. Being able to offer your customers multiple payment methods at the point of sale is critical to staying competitive in today’s marketplace. Payments made by credit card or check card are one of the most convenient methods of payment. Your business may be set up with this service within 24 to 72 hours through our vendor, MCCS.
Line of Credit Sweep

A Line of Credit Sweep (LOC Sweep) is a smart way to manage your company’s cash automatically, to pay down your line of credit or replenish your checking account. How does it work? Simply establish a target balance for your checking account. Then on a daily basis, funds above the target are “swept” in pre-determined increments into your line of credit account to pay down your balance and minimize interest expenses. Or, if your checking account balance falls below the target, funds are automatically drawn from your line of credit to refill your checking account. It’s cash management made easy!

  •  Reduced interest expenses
  •  Keep your money working at all times
  •  Simple cash management and Online Cash Management
  •  No daily money transfer hassles

Community Driven

We know that the heart and soul of a small business is the people who work there. At American National Bank Fox Cities, we do all of our business this way. We believe in building the Fox Cities community, because it’s where we live and work. We’re your neighbors, and your local business bank.


Your business isn’t just your livelihood, it’s your life. Our team of business bankers has the knowledge and experience to make even the most ambitious goals possible for your business. Our skills help businesses reach these goals every day.


As an owner or stakeholder in a small business, you wear a lot of hats. We know that your time is valuable so we offer a simple process for getting the financing your small business needs to achieve big goals.